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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Baffour

    I have tried so many products and I have been to so many different salons for my hair. I finally got to know Chatto and using her products. The shampoo and the leave in conditioner are a great for my hair. There was a huge difference with my hair by using this product. My hair was completely damage and the shampoo and conditioner does wonders.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best products on the market. I do not need any other product lines, her entire line is precisely what my hair needs. Continuous moisture, superb scalp health, never any build up or “need to wash my hair” smells. And doesn’t leave my hair feeling “slick” or “rough/dry,” just authentically healthy for MY hair texture. I use all of her products, my hair has grown 5x it’s original length in 5 months.

    Chatto’s products have every essential ingredient needed for healthy hair growth stimulation, luster, and scalp healing. She has no added colors or fragrances, only key ingredients from Africa that you can’t find in any other product on the market. She learned from her grandmother, and countless wise herbalists all around her country, to bring what all skin and hair types need to America.

    P.S. Chatto’s hair products, like all products, soak into my face skin— but her natural healing products do not cause additional acne on my face (like many products do). She knows how to treat the skin on my face and the skin on my head separately but holistically. Her products are for all ages and races.

    Chatto analyzed my hair texture perfectly during a consultation, she intuitively noticed the ingredients my body was asking for and educated me about hair health more than any one before. She started my Locs, made sections so my follicles would not stress. Visiting her monthly gives my hair (and skin) everything its been longing for.

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