Happy customers.

Liza, Chicago, IL

After wearing for a long, long time, my locs are beginning to thin. Even though I’m experiencing some thinning in my locs, I know they would not look as good as they do if I had not been using the ROBUST ROOTS natural hair products.

Mandy Chicago, IL

I’ve been using ROBUST ROOTS products on my hair now for more than 4 months and they are wonderful. It took a while for me to find products for my locs that would keep them moisturized and looking fresh and to stop the thinning. Color in my hair also created extra dryness. ROBUST ROOTS Morning Dew Repair Mist is phenomenal; it helps with my scalp damage from the locs. The foaming leave in conditioner instantly stopped my itchy scalp and, in addition, the daily spray instantly erased my flaky scalp. Though these products are pricey, they are worth every penny.

Angela Atlanta

I have been using ROBUST ROOTS hair products for a few years now and I love the results. My hair was broken at the crown of my head, but I started using the ROBUST ROOTS Damaged Hair Fertilizer and the Morning Dew Repair Mist and the products truly helped my hair. My hair is now fuller and thicker. These products are definitely a keeper.

Victoria, CA

Victoria – I can definitely say that ROBUST ROOTS products can compete with any cosmetic brand; they are a top-shelf cosmetic line. I found out about ROBUST ROOTS through a co-worker. She told me that the Morning Dew Moisturizer is one of the best for dryness, breakage and to repair damage. She has thick, kinky hair like mine and she is not easily impressed by products. After using the ROBUST ROOTS Morning Dew, Shampoo and Conditioners, I can say it is really one of the very best.

Mary MN

Great experience! I love to use the ROBUST ROOTS Repair and Rebuild Foaming Shampoo because it is thin enough to get through thick, curly hair to clean the scalp. (I have a crochet hair style). I will definitely go back for more service.

I recently started using the ROBUST ROOTS Morning Dew Repair Mist to keep my braids hydrated and in the three months that I have been using this I have no more dry scalp, no more shedding, and my hair continues to grow. I encourage anyone who needs natural hair products to try ROBUST ROOTS products because they work.

I have been wearing my hair natural for the past five years and recently it has gotten very dry and started to break off. Admittedly, I have been neglecting it up until now. The ends are frayed and without shape. I came across the ROBUST ROOTS products and after washing with the Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair felt curly, soft and moist. The Foaming Leave In Conditioner instantly stopped my itchiness and the Morning Dew Moisturizer, Wow! It is unbelievably the best moisturizer.

The Fertilizer stopped the breakage. Love the ROBUST ROOTS Morning Dew Repair Mist. Yes, her products are expensive, but when you’ve tried everything else and finally find something that not only works but is all natural, you invest! I’m so happy. One of the very best products.

Lillian Moore
Ever since I started using the ROBUST ROOTS, I have noticed that my hair is almost at the thickness I had as a child (which was very thick). It also retains my hair’s moisture. I am now totally hooked on ROBUST ROOTS hair care products. Over the years I have tried several other brands of natural or so called natural products to try on my hair and on my clients. Absolutely no other products have delivered the positive results I have experienced with my hair since switching to these hair care products.

Susan Smith
Using various ROBUST ROOTS products on my natural hair clients has also made a big difference. They all love the way the products smell on their hair. One big bonus I have found with the ROBUST ROOTS Damaged Hair Fertilizer products is the help it provides for one of my clients suffering with a form of alopecia. In November 2012, I noticed a significant difference in the scalp of this particular client. I noticed her hair growing back in places where she had no hair.

I never thought l would see growth in my hair. I had chemotherapy and after my cancer a coworker mentioned to me about ROBUST ROOTS. I went ahead and bought the set and started using it religiously. To my amazement, after two to three weeks of using the products, my follicles started opening up with a small sharp tiny growth. I continue with the Fertilizer and the Morning Dew spray every morning and use the shampoo with the conditioners once a week. My head has almost 2 inches of growth. Though the new growth is fine, l can see it thickening up gradually; Great products!